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About Us

Sandy Springs Internal Medicine, P.C. was established in 1954.  For over 55 years we have been providing the highest quality healthcare for our patients.  With the advent of managed care in the early 1990's the healthcare landscape began to change. 

By 2004, it was obvious that something needed to change.  The "personalized" side of healthcare was gone and was replaced with "expeditious care".  Visits became shorter, wait times increased and the requirements for referrals grew more burdensome.  This was not the type of medicine our physicians were trained for nor was it what our patients deserved.  So we decided to make some changes.

We totally restructured the practice to focus on "preventive" or "personalized" healthcare.  This required several changes in the way we provide care.

We limited the size of each physician's practice from 3000 patients to no more than 600 patients to allow individualized care and attention.







Being a patient of SSIM includes an annual wellness exam.  The comprehensive examination encompasses risk factor analysis, numerous screenings, extensive laboratory tests and several targeted procedures including chest x-ray, pulmonary function testing and electrocardiogram.  The AWE is the cornerstone of your individualized medical care.

Additional visits are covered by most health insurance plans.

Patients receive a mini flash drive containing their health records annually following their annual wellness exam.

At Sandy Springs Internal Medicine, you are truly the center of attention.  You can trust the care you receive.  Our physicians have been recognized as some of the top physicians in Internal Medicine.╣

Doctor appointments are unhurried visits that start on time.  For urgent care visits you can be seen the same day you call, or the next day, and you can reach your doctor 24 hours a day through private numbers.

If you feel our personalized practice is right for you, give us a call today.

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