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We are in the process of transitioning to a new Electronic Medical Record System and this means a new patient portal system for you. We have deactivated the Follow My Health patient portal to make room for a new and improved patient portal.   All of the patient data that has previously been sent to you using the Follow My Health portal belongs to you and will remain there.  Be sure to book mark the Follow My Health site to continue to access it in the future, should you wish.

During our transition, you will not be able to send portal messages to us or request medication refills using the patient portal. You can continue to reach your physician at

Dr. Carter: 678-252-6384

Dr. Tucker: 678-252-6384

Dr. Gower: 678-252-6363

Dr. Gutschenritter: 678-252-6390

Dr. Rodriguez: 678-252-6360

Dr. Ahn: 678-252-6370

Dr. Reed: 678-252-6380

Stay tuned for more details and about the new patient portal Healow- Health and Online Wellness – coming soon!  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this exciting transition.