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Excellence in Personalized Healthcare

A New Level of Care

  • Annual comprehensive physical visit including wellness screenings such as the Framingham Cardiovascular Risk Assessment, the Epworth Sleep Index, the Beck Anxiety Index, the CAGE Assessment, the SAFE Assessment, The Mood Disorder Assessment, the Functional Status Assessment, the Prostate Health Assessment (for males) or the Breast Cancer Risk Assessment (for females), the Osteoporosis Risk Assessment and Metabolic Syndrome Screening
  • Expanded laboratory testing such as Complete Blood Count (CBC), Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP), Thyroid testing (with TSH), Advanced Glucose Metabolism Assessment (HBA1C), Ferritin, 25-OH Vitamin D, Urinalysis, digital Chest X-Ray, Advanced Cardiac Risk Evaluation (Apo-B), annual EKG, Pulmonary Spirometry, annual Audiogram and annual Lipid Analysis
  • Priority scheduling/same day/next day/extended appointments
  • Unhurried Visits
  • No waiting, on-time appointments
  • Support staff dedicated exclusively to patients
  • Physician availability 24/7
  • Assistance with scheduling outside procedures and consultations
  • Closely coordinated care with specialists and hospitals
  • E-mail, fax and cell phone access
  • Convenient prescription refills
  • Private reception area with amenities